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Zero Balance Accounts

Cash Management

More complex businesses, those with multiple locations or more complicated accounting structures, need an easy way to manage and monitor all their accounts. ZBA accounts turn the manual task of transferring money between accounts into a fully automated process, saving you time every day.

Whenever you are ready, CNB is here for you. Talk to a Cash Management professional today at 1 (865) 429-7568 to learn how a Zero Balance Account can help you manage cash between accounts.

Zero Balance Accounts

Disbursement Accounts

Maintain separate disbursement accounts to manage and track specific expenses types.

Zero Out Daily

  • Segregate disbursement activity by function, i.e. payroll, office supplies, etc.
  • Eliminate daily excess with automatic sweep of disbursement account balances into main account
Main Account

Automatic sweep of disbursement accounts concentrates your cash into one main account at the end of each day.

Consolidate Cash Daily

  • Avoid overdrafts
  • Reduce over-funding
  • Eliminate manual transfers
One View

Use holistic account picture to better manage your business, budget and cash flow.

View Daily and Monthly

  • Monitor all account activity daily through Internet Banking
  • Review detailed transactions for all accounts on one monthly statement