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Online & Mobile Banking

Manage your accounts with the tap of a finger.

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Account alerts
  • Secure messaging
  • Biometric support
  • Mobile deposits
  • Bill Pay
  • App opens blazing fast
  • And more!

Online & Mobile Banking Guide

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Bill Pay

With our free unlimited bill pay service, you can virtually pay any bill from your computer or mobile device.

    • Pay bills one-time or recurring bills with ease.
    • Schedule future and recurring payments.
    • Transfer funds from your deposit account at CNB to accounts at other financial institutions.
    • Send monetary gifts or donations with a personalized message with Gift Pay.
    • Use Voice Bill Pay to pay your bills with your Alexa-enabled device.
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Mobile Deposit

Securely upload checks right from your mobile device, so your hard-earned money goes to work for you even faster.

  • Open the CNB mobile app and select “Deposit checks”
  • Enter the check amount and select the account to deposit
  • Photograph both sides of the endorsed check with your smartphone or tablet camera and follow the instructions
  • Review your deposit information and submit your deposit

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Card Contactless Reader

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallets are digital versions of your bank cards that are securely stored in an app on your mobile device.
Mobile Wallets have multilayered security features that keep your payment information away from fraudsters. It’s a faster, easier and secure way to pay. Adding a CNB bank card to your digital wallet takes only seconds. We can help!

  • Add your CNB bank cards to Apple Pay to conveniently make purchases using your iPhone and Apple Watch. To get started, tap “Wallet” on your supported mobile device to open the app.
  • Once the Samsung Pay app is installed on your mobile device, simply open the app to add your CNB bank cards.
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e-Statements are electronic copies of your account statements that you can view, search, save and print online anytime.

  • Fast – Available days sooner than paper statements that arrive by mail.
  • Convenient – e-Statements are stored and archived for you online.
  • Secure – Paper statements can make you more vulnerable to identity theft.
  • Environmentally friendly – Save paper, ultimately saving trees and helping the environment.

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Card Controls

Bank Card management is simplified with an on/off switch you can access online and in the mobile app.

Use it for:

  • Lost cards
  • Suspected fraud
  • Access changes for unique cardholders

MyCardRules™ Integration
Advanced controls allow you to set spending limits, request notifications or block transactions from certain retailer types.

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Set up customized emails, texts or in-app alerts.


  • Low balance notification
  • Large transaction alert
  • Alerts based on location, merchant, transaction type or spending limit


  • Customize alert notifications for each cardholder
  • Notifications for changes in contact information, password or login from unknown devices

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Get the help you need on the spot without having to visit a branch. The conversation feature is accessible to customers within their digital banking account.

  • Send a secure message
  • Quick responses
  • Attach files and photos
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There’s a smarter way to manage your money. Build a budget, stay on track and plan for the future with MyFinance.

  • Track your cash flow
  • Create savings goals
  • Set up alerts to monitor your spending
  • Sync accounts from other financial institutions

Need help?

Find tutorials, video guides and how-to instructions on our Resource Center. There you can learn more about our digital banking features.


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