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ACH Processing

Send ACH transactions for things like:

  • Direct deposit payroll
  • Cash concentration
  • Payments to vendors
  • Collecting membership dues

We’ve made it easy to process all of your ACH transactions in one place through our Business Online Banking portal.

  • Use our template to manually input recipients that will then be saved for the next pay date
  • If you use accounting software to create a NACHA file, simply upload the file and initiate
  • Send credit files for things like payroll as well as debit files to collect payments for things like membership dues or accounts receivables
  • Set up recurring transactions to occur weekly, monthly, or even annually

Wire Transfers

Streamline critical functions to ensure business continues without a hitch.

  • Domestic wires only
  • $5 discount on wire fees when submitted online
  • Create and save wire templates for repetitive wires
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Additional Users

Manage access to your accounts while empowering your employees with the access they need to get the job done.

  • Grant access to designated employees or external bookkeepers and accountants.
  • Revoke access when staff changes occur.
  • Enforce dual control for wire transfers and ACH initiation.
  • Customizable permissions allow you to grant each user with the specific account access and permissions that is right for them. These permissions include specific ACH functions, specific wire functions, transfer ability, bill pay access, and more!

Resource Center

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