Visa Checkout

Enjoy a safe, simple and speedy new way to make online purchases. Easily pay online with Visa Checkout at your favorite stores with a single sign in.

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Chip Technology

We are proud to be the area’s first local bank offering chip technology-equipped credit and ​debit cards making your CNB card more secure.

Debit Card Pinning Solutions

For your convenience, you can change your PIN number at any CNB branch ATM or by simply calling 1-844-221-1004. In order to change your PIN, you must know your current PIN number.

Changing Your PIN at the ATM

  • Choose the PIN change option
  • Enter your new PIN number twice

Allow a few minutes for the change to take effect before performing a pin based transaction.

 Changing Your PIN by Phone

Simply call 1-844-211-1004 and follow the prompts:

  • Enter the card number
  • Enter the current PIN
  • Enter the new PIN
  • Enter the new PIN a second time
  • Confirm the change
  • Wait for the confirmation number

After following these steps, the PIN change is immediate.

Please Note the following Security Measures:

  • In order to prevent debit card fraud, it is periodically necessary for blocks to be placed on certain merchants and transaction types.  Some blocks require the use of your PIN to complete a transaction.  If you do not know your PIN you may choose one at any of our convenient branch locations.  If you are not in the area you may call us at 865-453-9031 to request a PIN.
  • If you are declined during a transaction ask the merchant to run the transaction again using your PIN instead of your signature.
  • In all drug stores, discount stores (Walmart, Dollar General etc), and grocery stores outside the state of Tennessee your PIN must be used to complete the transaction.

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To Report a Lost or Stolen Card

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To Access Your Credit Card Management Portal please click the link below.

Please note the following daily debit card limits:

  • Fresh Start Checking: $1000
  • All Other Personal Checking Accounts:  $3000
  • Business Checking Accounts:  up to $5000
  • If you have questions about your debit card limit, please call the CNB Call Center at (865) 429-7521