CNB Announces Partnership with Autobooks

As a financial institution dedicated to improving small business banking, we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Autobooks.

Thanks to our collaboration, we are now delivering an even better digital banking experience to our small business customers. With the Autobooks tools integrated into our digital banking channels, we are optimistic that new and existing customers will choose Autobooks over third-party payment acceptance platforms for several reasons:

  • Digital invoicing and payment acceptance are integrated right into our existing digital banking channels, so that our customers can access these crucial tools in the same place they take care of their banking. Third-party platforms must be managed outside of the primary banking relationship, often through multiple apps.
  • When our customers get paid or receive a donation, their funds go right into their checking account within two business days, where they can easily access and track their money. With a third-party app, users must deal with virtual wallets and other holding tanks that force users to take additional steps to access their money.
  • When a customer needs help, they can be connected to a small business specialist directly through Autobooks. There‚Äôs no need to worry about tedious and time-consuming self-service steps, like those required by third-party platforms.

We believe that our partnership with Autobooks is the way forward in better supporting our small business customers who have come to rely on our service and expertise, but need help when it comes to workflow related challenges like payment acceptance and cash flow management.

Learn how Autobooks can help you and your small business.