Guarding Against ‘Work From Home’ Scams

  • No legitimate “work from home” or “car wrapping” job offer will ever require you to deposit a check before you start the position, ask you to deposit a check and return a portion of the funds, purchase any type of gift card or Bitcoin, or ask you to wire funds to anyone.
  • If you receive an unexpected check in the mail, bring it to the bank for verification. Do not try to cash or deposit it.
  • Look for typos, grammatical errors such as misuse of punctuation and capitalization and spelling, mismatched names, or invalid bank information on any checks received as these are all indicators the check is suspicious.
  • If pressured to quickly to transfer funds or instructed to immediately follow instructions, do not do it.
  • If the individual sending you a check communicates only through Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or other social networking sites, do not engage in a conversation with this individual.
  • Do not establish a relationship with anyone you have met online that you have not also met in person.
  • Never give out your online banking login credentials. Do not allow anyone to deposit checks to your account via mobile deposit.
  • When in doubt about the legitimacy of any online job offer or funds received associated with the job offer, contact CNB’s Call Center at 865-429-7521 for assistance.

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