5 Reasons To Visit a Physical Bank Branch, Even If You Have Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a revolutionary tool that lets you stay on top of your finances 24/7. But that does not mean in-person banking has gone by the wayside. There are plenty of times when it is preferred or even necessary to visit your local branch and speak to someone face-to-face. Here are the top reasons to stop by your bank.

You are opening a new account.

According to the consulting firm Novantas, 60 percent of Americans prefer to open new accounts at physical banks. It is easier to sift through terms and conditions with an expert sitting across from you. You can ask as many questions as you need to ensure you understand the contract. Plus, it can feel more secure to sign up in person. When you have to hand over multiple sensitive documents, it is nice to see with your own eyes who and where they are going to.

You need cash now.

While you can transfer funds any time through a mobile app, if you need cash quickly, you will need to go to either your local ATM or an actual branch. If you need a substantial amount of money right away, you may have to work with a teller. Similarly, if you need to pay for something using certain types of cleared funds – like a money order – you should work directly with a bank officer. The process may be faster and easier than it would be online.

You need a branch-only service.

More services than ever are being digitized, but some tasks must still be completed in person. Check to see what special services your bank provides. Typical offerings include meetings with financial planners, notarization, and access to safety deposit boxes.

You need to fix a serious problem.

For complex and pressing financial matters, a mobile app may not provide all the advice you need. For a range of issues – from identity theft to overwhelming debt – you need to work with a real-life specialist. Some dilemmas are dense and nuanced. To resolve them in a timely manner, set up an appointment with an expert at your bank.

You are approaching a financial milestone.

Whether you are in the market for a new house or you are preparing for retirement, you should sit down with a bank officer. These exciting life events require financial knowhow and hard work to go smoothly. They will have major implications for your long-term finances. You want to make sure you follow all the correct procedures and devise cost-effective strategies.

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