5 Apps To Make Accounting Easier For Your Small Business

Using apps may be one of the best ways to get a handle on some of your small business accounting needs. Because they go with you, they give you the ability to track tasks throughout the day with ease. And, in some cases, they are inexpensive ways to keep your business moving forward. With small business accounting, accuracy is critical. These tools can help to give you more hands-on support no matter what you are doing. Here are five key recommendations.

#1: QuickBooks

Perhaps the most well-recognized name in small business accounting software, QuickBooks offers an application for those who need on-the-go support. This is a very easy to use platform with a variety of tools, forms, and charts to give you insight into what you are doing.

#2: FreshBooks

If you are looking for a lower costing version of small business accounting software, FreshBooks is another option. It offers many of the same features as QuickBooks, with a few more, and it tends to provide for an easy-to-navigate design.

#3: RescueTime

One of the most important tasks in some businesses is recording time. That is, you need to be able to track how much time you spend on various websites or on specific tasks. RescueTime makes that easy to do. It can even send you data-based reports so you can see how you (or your employees) are spending their day.

#4: TripIt

For those individuals who have to manage travel time. The TripIt app allows you to create a master itinerary so that you know where you need to be and when. It goes further than this by providing information to you about departure times, delays, and weather. All of this is built into the tool. It can even help you log time at various locations.

#5: Asana

For a tool that allows you to manage tasks across employees or groups, consider Asana. It is an easy-to-use tool for tracking your projects in real time, allowing you to keep track of who is working on tasks, how those projects are coming, and how tasks are being completed and delivered.

When it comes to small business accounting, don’t forget to turn to your local bank. With a bit of support and guidance, your bank can help you to create the right management tools for keeping your company’s finances on track. There are a variety of ways you can manage your company’s finances, even on the go with your bank’s app.