5 Ways to Secure Your Personal Banking Information

It’s crucial to safeguard your personal banking information. Yet in today’s digital world, protecting your private information can seem more difficult than ever. You want and need to be able to use your credit cards online. You want to be able to log into your accounts without risk. When it comes to finding a balance, what steps do you take? Thankfully, keeping your personal information safe may be easier than you think.

1. Invest in Banking Apps

Banking apps for mobile phones are fantastic tools. They let you log into your account, manage your finances and even make payments right from your smartphone. What’s more, they can help you to know what’s happening with your money all of the time. However, when choosing apps, select one from just your financial institution. This ensures security so you can feel confident your transactions are secure.

2. Invest in Computer Security

Whatever laptop or computer you use to manage your accounts needs to be as secure as possible. You should have antivirus software on board and take care to avoid downloading attachments or accessing sites that could pose a risk to you. Take the time to learn how to keep your computer system safe and it will reap rewards.

3. Never Log Into Secure Accounts on Public Access

When you are traveling or even while you are at work, you may be tempted to log into your bank account or credit card accounts using public Wi-Fi. This can be risky. It is best to only use a secured connection when accessing sensitive data. You do not want to put your information in the hands of those who would use it for the wrong reasons.

4. Manage Your Passwords

Change your passwords on a routine basis. For most people, this should be every few months. Frequent changes decrease the risk of another person gaining access to your information. Also, don’t opt for obvious passwords: Change them to more complex phrases and number combinations.

5. Freeze Your Accounts When Necessary

You’ve lost your debit card. If you have your bank’s mobile app, you may be able to log in and turn off the debit card. It takes only a second — plus, it ensures no one else can use your card if they find it.

Being mindful of your personal banking information is important. Don’t allow others to log into your bank account or app, and take steps to shore up your computer security. This helps ensure your personal information stays secure.