Digital Banking Features That Can Make Your Life Easier 

The world operates on a digital platform. Today, virtually everything you want and need to do can happen on your smartphone — from calling for a ride to placing an order with your favorite local restaurant. Banking is just as digitally connected as any other service … perhaps even more so. The more you utilize digital and mobile banking solutions, the more empowered you are to achieve your financial goals. And there are plenty of ways to make this possible.

What Digital Banking Features Are Available to You?

Digital banking through your trusted local bank allows you better control over your finances and your financial goals. You’ll also find this is one of the best ways for you to achieve financial access even when you are on the go. Here are a few simple ways you can get digitally connected.

1. Mobile Apps

At Citizens National Bank, we offer the GoMobile app. This app is powerful, giving you access to many of your banking features even while you are on the go. Once you download it to your smartphone, you can gain access through fingerprint authentication. From there, you have a customized dashboard that allows you to track your spending and turn your debit card on or off. It links directly to a credit card. You can even use it to pay for purchases.

2. Mobile Check Deposit

If you receive a check, do you tend to forget about it? Perhaps you hate having to drive to the bank to deposit it. You don’t have to with mobile check deposit. Using your app, you can easily deposit your check from any location. There is no extra cost for this, but it gives you the security you desire and the streamlined process you need.

3. Internet Banking

You can do a great deal just by logging into your online account access. It’s always available and lets you see all of your statements in real time. It allows you to make loan payments on your current loans with the bank. Plus, you can download your account information to Quicken, QuickBooks or Microsoft Money. There’s also a fully designed bill pay service for you: Set up when you want to pay your bills and it happens without stress or a stamp.

Digital banking makes life a bit easier to manage especially when you are busy and always on the go. Most important, it is possible to manage all of these services without having to pay a high price to do so. How can you get online to achieve your goals?