How to Get the Most Out of Your Checking Account

When it comes to using your checking account, it is easy to do the bare minimum. Put money in; take money out. But not all accounts have the same features, and you may be missing out on some amazing benefits of your plan. Use these tips to get your financial future on track in a flash.

Know Your Account

Even a basic plan is likely to include a host of free features. For example, the Citizens Simply Checking account includes electronic statements, mobile banking, a debit card and more, all at no additional cost. If you have a rewards account or other special plan, the list of perks is even longer. Double-check with your bank if you are unsure what is included with your account.

Get Online

Online banking is a convenient tool that keeps you in control of your finances. Check your account any place, any time. It is a boon to the hopelessly disorganized. Whether using a desktop or mobile app, you can ensure you have sufficient funds, keep an eye out for suspicious transactions and set up automatic bill pay. Plus, it offers a quick avenue of communication with customer service.

Think Beyond Checking

While checks have been used for centuries, their namesake accounts involve much more nowadays. Debit cards provide a fast and environmentally friendly way to make purchases. Online transactions are popular, too. All you need is your account info and a few minutes to spare, and products from around the world can embark on a journey to your doorstep.

Be Proactive

You don’t know what life is going to throw at you. Job loss, international travel, moving — all these things affect can your account. Notify the bank to update contact info or to let them know about extended travel. Do the same if your financial situation suddenly changes. You want to avoid surprise fees, which might pop up when you travel far away or do not maintain a minimum balance.

Talk to an Expert

Speaking of reaching out for help, one underutilized advantage of having a checking account is access to the bank itself. Citizens National Bank offers 24/7 service with Expressline Banking, as well as a Call Center open during business hours. Have a question about your finances? Stop by, call or email your customer service representative to get advice and set up an in-person appointment. Nothing compares to one-on-one time with a specialist.

Citizens National Bank offers personal and business accounts. Contact us for more info.