3 Ways You Can Customize Your Banking Experience

What does it mean to customize your banking experience? Perhaps you’re older and are accustomed to going to the bank, walking up to the teller, and having to manage paper check registers. If you’re younger, you may not have any idea what this is. The good news is that today’s banks are far more user-friendly than ever. You’ll find more opportunities and exciting new features that make managing your money not only easy but also highly effective. How can you make your banking better fit your life?

1. Get Personal With Your Account Manager

Let’s face it — you need to establish a foundation for successful money management. The best way to do this is by having a well-designed and effective game plan. Work closely with your local community bank to set up the accounts you need to establish this process. Consider the following options:

  • A low-cost checking account to manage your day-to-day expenses
  • A savings account for emergency funds as well as to build your savings
  • Retirement accounts that can help you to save for retirement easily

You may benefit from other types of accounts as well. The key here is to establish the proper accounts. Then you can funnel your paycheck where you would like it to go to help you achieve your goals.

2. Make It Automatic

Did you know that you can make many of your transactions automatic so you do not have to worry about them or handle them once a month? For example, when your paycheck hits your bank account, request that your bank transfer a portion of it to your savings or retirement accounts. Done automatically, you will never miss those funds but you will grow your account. You may also want to use bill pay services that you can schedule in advance. When you do, you do not have to think twice about paying bills either.

3. Get Mobile

Having easy access to your account is essential. Many times, local community banks offer mobile banking applications and websites you can use to really see what is happening with your money anywhere you go. That’s important. The best way to know how to grow your money is to have a plan to make it possible.

Now is the ideal time to get your bank account set up and in place so you can manage your goals. Meet with your local bank manager to get started — and ask questions. What will it take to make banking more efficient for you?