What is Remote Deposit and How Can it Help You?

For on-the-go bank customers, CNB’s mobile application is often the best option for convenient check deposit. For business owners, though, you may need to process large numbers of checks at once. To avoid taking pictures of each side of your stack of checks, which could be a painstaking process, you do not necessarily need to make more frequent trips to the bank.

Remote deposit allows for bulk check deposit from your computer. With remote deposit, the bank allows you to type in check amounts and use a provided scanner to process them. Remote deposit uses a scanner instead of a mobile application because a scanner is better suited for a business’s bulk processing needs. Here are a few benefits of remote deposit:

Convenient Process, Available 24/7

Like mobile banking, remote deposit allows you to process your checks anytime, anywhere. Instead of interrupting your employees’ work days by sending them on errands to the bank, you can deposit checks at your convenience once business hours are closed. This maximizes your time, reduces trips to the bank, and eliminates the constraints of bank hours, which may conflict with your business hours.

Greater Control for Ensured Accuracy

With remote deposit, you have complete control over your checks. If you choose to deposit checks via another bank’s ATM, you may worry about losing the check in the machine, which can cause problems if the ATM misreads your check. With remote deposit, you do the data entry and keep all of your checks, so you can quickly spot and correct mistakes. This control can give business owners peace of mind about their deposits.

Saving You Time with Faster Processing

Imagine taking pictures of the fronts and backs of dozens of checks. Scanning technology processes an entire pile of checks in moments, saving you valuable time. Remote deposit also enables same-day check clearing and helps businesses spot bounced checks faster. Check deposits should be reaching your account at the same rapid speed as your fast-paced business. Using remote deposit keeps checks from slowing you down.

Available at Your Local CNB Branch

It is easy to sign up for remote deposit at CNB. The bank provides a check scanner that hooks up to your computer, and you can process many checks at once, whenever you want, with increased accuracy and speed. A scanner may be better suited for a business’s needs, so inquire about remote deposit for your business today.