3 Banking Security Tips You Should Start Practicing Now

Technology has made it easier to keep track of your money. Mobile apps, online banking, and giant networks offer distinct benefits, but can also put your money at greater risk. Bank account owners should be especially careful and be sure they understand the risks associated with online banking. Account holders need bank representatives that will be on their side, protect them from fraud and scams, and work with them closely to make sure their money stays safe. Here are three banking security tips you should start practicing right now.

1. Protect Yourself Online

One of the biggest risks to your finances is online banking fraud. Account takeover fraud, password phishing, and other online threats can put your accounts in jeopardy. And these types of scams are growing more prevalent, spiking up 61% from last year. The best way to protect yourself from this kind of fraud is careful password protection. This means not banking online while using a public network, changing your password regularly, and keeping your computer software and security up to date. Avoid clicking through emails and other links you do not trust.

2. Monitor Your Account Regularly

Check your accounts regularly to make sure all of your transactions are authorized. Reviewing your bank statement regularly will alert you when something is out of the ordinary. You should make sure all purchases (especially online purchases) are properly accounted for. Diligent monitoring of your account will assist your budgeting and spending habits as well. Check to see if your bank offers monitoring and alerts about irregular banking activity.

3. Work Closely with your Bank

Open lines of communication with your bank to make sure you are getting the best possible security service. Banks often offer security monitoring on your accounts and can alert you when something seems out of the ordinary. Good customer service will go a long way to helping you feel more secure with your money. Generally, small banks have higher customer satisfaction than big banks. If you are looking to bank securely and have a representative that is available and willing to walk you through the best security practices, consider banking locally. And make sure to ask your branch representative about all of the bank’s security policies and what they are doing to protect you.

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