Keep Your Card Secure with Mobile Banking

In today’s fast-paced world, we are growing more and more attached to our mobile devices. We use them for just about everything, from food delivery to money management. With Citizens National Bank, you can use yours to transfer funds, deposit checks, and get an online banking experience tailored to you with one easy tap. But before you scroll too quickly, take a look at these simple tips to keep your card secure with mobile banking:

1. Know Your Settings

At CNB, we provide secure and convenient access to your account via your phone. But if you get a text message from us saying that we need your account information, it’s a fraud — we will never request sensitive information from you. Be sure to understand your account settings and avoid clicking on anything that seems fishy.

2. Take Precautions on Mobile Banking Sites

We love providing you easy access to your accounts on your phone and online, but make sure to keep your passwords secure and to disable any phone features that automatically save your usernames and passwords. If your phone is lost or stolen, your money could be just a tap away for a thief. Manually enter your passwords each time to keep your accounts safe.

3. Beware of Scambots

The internet is a complex place; scammers and password-pilfering viruses fool even cautious users into giving away precious account information. We will always keep your information secure, and we will never call to ask for your password or try to get information from you. We have your information, and it’s safe with us. For this reason, avoid clickbait that resembles our sites or phone calls from unknown numbers as well as text messages requesting access to your account.

4. Practice Safe Password Usage

It’s no surprise that people who use passwords like “password” will sometimes have their information hacked. Give yourself peace of mind and make your password harder for hackers to guess. Try thinking of a sentence and using the first letter from each word. For example, the pneumonic, “My mother’s birthday is April 7, 1963” would yield the password “mmbi471963.”

If you ever have questions or concerns about the security of your account, give us a call at (865) 429-7521.