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Positive Pay

Cash Management

Your business needs to be on the alert for possible fraud at all times. Make this task easier with Positive Pay, the automated check fraud tool available with CNB’s Cash Management Services. Positive Pay ensures that the only checks paid out of your account are those you deem legitimate.

Whenever you are ready, CNB is here for you. Talk to a Cash Management professional today at 1 (865) 429-7568 to learn how Positive Pay can protect your business from fraud and loss.

Positive Pay

Monitor Issued Checks

Keep track of all checks issued out of your business account.

It’s Easy

  • Identify your standard check details, including payee, payee address and void date
  • Upload issued checks through CNB’s Cash Management portal
Detect Anomalies

Catch suspicious or unusual checks in real-time.

It’s Immediate

  • Checks that don’t match your stated details are instantly flagged as an exception
Handle Exceptions

View flagged exceptions as soon as they are detected.

It’s Your Decision

  • “Pay” checks deemed legitimate
  • “Return” checks deemed fraudulent